Machining Services by Billet Engineering

Quality Hydraulic Cylinder and Component Repairs                

Our hydraulic cylinder repair service adheres strictly to only the highest quality in industry standards. Our machining services capacity allows us to offer innovative expert solutions on any job large or small to the mining, resource, transport, agricultural and marine industries.

Expect superior life and performance from our rebuilt cylinders and the reassurance of the comprehensive cylinder repair warranty.  To avoid down time, take advantage of our extensive range of Service Exchange cylinders that are repaired to OEM specification and available for immediate dispatch 24 hours a day

Machining Services offered by Billet Engineering - a collage of location, hydraulic repair, CAT wheel hub repair and a CAT mining truck on site

Make Billet Engineering your Hydraulic Cylinder Repair or Manufacturer of Choice

  • All manufacturing of Hydraulic cylinder components are completed in-house in including rods, barrels, glands and pistons.
  • Large diameter barrels easily accomodated with deep hole boring
  • Express turnaround reclamation of damaged and worn components
  • Rework of damaged and worn bearing and bush bores ( cylinder eyes) to OEM Specifications
  • Customised manufacture of one off or multiple components
  • Qualified technical team to Design and Manufacture to your specifications
  • Highly skilled trades people

Our In-house Machining Services Capabilities

Hydraulic Cylinder Repair to 15 meters long

 – Service Exchange Hydraulic Cylinders over 275 to choose from in stock

– Grinding 6 meters

– Turning to 6 meters

– CNC Machining – Large and small production runs – prototyping samples 

– CNC Milling

– Milling 750mm x 2700mm  –  4 tonne bed capacity

– Drilling and tapping to 1400mm x 2800mm

– Honing internal diameter 50mm to 600mm – 6 meters long

– General Machining

– Boring 1400mm x 2800mm  –  4 tonne bed capacity

At Billet Engineering, everything we do is underpinned by our commitment to safety and quality.

Call now to discuss your machining requirements or send us a message.

Interested in becoming a Machinist?  Passionate about our trade ? Manual or CNC Machining ?

Billet Engineering is committed to ensuring the future is bright for Manual Machinists.

As a leader in the Hydraulic Cylinder industry, we work for your future as much as you work for ours.

We have an open and diverse culture of opportunity, ensuring a rewarding working environment in which our people can thrive.

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